cupcakes and wine.

A co-worker of mine and I were sitting in the office the other day talking about her upcoming move to New York City and her 21st birthday. She mentioned for her birthday she and her mom are going to this delightful bakery in the city called “Sweet Revenge”, where they serve and pair cupcakes with wine. Brilliant! Two of my favorite things! So of course it got me thinking about when it’s my turn to host wine night with the girls. Instead of our usual wine and snacks, why not throw a cupcake and wine pairing  party!








images (1) images (2)


Food & Wine and The Wine Feed had a little write up about pairing cupcakes and wine, along with some delicious cupcake recipes. Some of my favorite cupcake recipes I have found are champagne cupcakes with champagne buttercreamraspberry swirl cupcakes, and toffee crunch… Just to name a few! 🙂 Next step… to find the right wine pairing for these tasty treats. Girls, we’re going sweet with our next wine night!


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